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Who We Are

Our managers and senior colleagues have decades of staffing experience and are experts at fostering lasting relationships with both clients and associates by relying on our core values: integrity, courtesy and respect

What We Do

At Flex we are fanatics when it comes to client satisfaction! We carefully assess every candidate’s personality, skill set at work experience to make sure we find the right fit for each assignment the first time, so our clients can focus on running their business with the best talent available for the job!

Where We Work

Flex Personnel is growing! With offices in select markets throughout the country, we are continually expanding our industry reach nationwide.

Why Flex

Whether you need to scale your contingent workforce, make the right direct-hire decision, streamline your recruiting process or leverage a range of managed services, Flex Personnel provides the experience, strategy and support to help reduce workforce costs in order to maximize your business’ productivity and profitability.


Flex Personnel offers specialized staffing solutions and managed services tailored to your industry.


Our services enable your business to increase production when the opportunity exists and minimize waste when the market shifts.


Support to help reduce workforce costs while maximixing your business’ productivity and profitability.

Experience A Different Way To Work

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